Extendable Homes ( 3 Bed 2 Bath)

Our modular homes provide long term family living in the one location. Imagine a home that can expand as your budget and family grows. You choose your ideal block and location, and start small.

Click on the the links below to see how easily this house can grow as your family does.

1 bedroom
1 bathroomGarage 41.08
Living 87.21
Porch 1.55
Grand total 129.84
2 bedroom
1 bathroomGarage 41.08
Living 100.67
Porch 1.55
Grand total 143.30Go Back
3 bedrooms
2 bathroomsGarage 42.18
Living 145.55
Porch 1.55
Grand total 189.28Go Back
Add 2 bedrooms and study