Winters Here

Cold snap in the Redlands and BrisbaneCold house

With the winter months now on top of us we, at Sabre Constructions Pty Ltd, would like to remind you it’s time to do your winter maintenance around the house. A little bit of your time now could stop expensive repairs in the future. After all, we spend what seems to be a life time paying off a mortgage, who wants to add costly, unnecessary repairs to our every day living

All Sabre Constructions Pty Ltd new home builds include insulation in the roof and walls, and door seals to keep your new home warm over winter. New builds can also be fitted with reverse cyle ducted air-conditioning unit which provide heating during the home building process saving you the extra cost have them retrofitted after construction

Home Maintenance check list

  • Clear away all the autumn leaves clogging our drains – perhaps consider installing inexpensive gutter grills.
  • Check the storm water grates for blocked drains and the roof for damaged tiles that can cause allow water to enter and damage to your beautiful homes.
  • Service your reverse cycle air conditioners to ensure they are working at there best energy efficiencies
  • Check for damaged window and door sills, installing weather strips to doors and insulation to roofs will all help to keep the warmth inside and our electricity accounts down this winter.

 Cold snap

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